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From: rimpigfl
Subject: MY FIRST MARINE - PART 3This story is true. I've written it for a friend of mine who loves Marines
as much as I do and wanted to hear the story of the first one I ever had
sex with. The places and the names of places are real. Only the name of the
young Marine has been changed. I'll share the memory with you, but not him!
He's still a very precious memory to me.MY FIRST MARINE - Part 3
by RimPig 2000For having been up most of the night, I awoke early the next morning. My
Marine was laying on his back snoring softly with his arm thrown over his
head. My nose was almost buried in his soft, pit-hair breathing in his
incredibly masculine scent. I ing underage schoolgirls
evidently had been breathing the animal scent
of him for a while because I had a hardon that could cut steel!I lay there for a long time just watching him sleep. His beautiful face,
relaxed underaged kids naked in sleep, was more like a little boy than a young warrior. I felt a
deep twinge within me. I was falling in love. But, I wasn't stupid. I knew
that this was a probably a one-time encounter and that he would go back to
active duty in the Corps and I would go back underage pornsites
to the booths at Studio X
waiting for the next horny trucker or Marine. But for that time, I loved
him with all my heart. I would do anything for him to make him happy.Looking back on the previous underage nympho sex night's activities, I was extremely shocked at
my behavior. I had never done some of the raunchy things I did. But what
really shocked me was how natural it came to me. And because of my Marine,
it felt to natural. I felt free to explore every raunchy fantasy I'd ever
had because he seemed to be accepting and positive about it. It was like
he gave me permission underage illegal models to explore my deepest, darkest side - and made it
fun!Finally, I layed down and lay my head on his underage virgins hardcore
chest, molding my body to
his. In his sleep, he put his arm around me and held me close. I found
myself thanking God for this wonderful feeling and praying underage illegal pic that if I free nn underage was
going to die - let it be now when I was perfectly happy! Luckily, God
ignores prayer like this because I would have missed what was to come!Later, by several hours, I was dreaming of having a hot Marine mouth around
my cock. The feeling underage porn lalita
was getting more and more intense. Finally, I came to
and found that I was indeed fucking the mouth of a young Marine! And I was
about to cum! But he was not into letting me cum just yet. He backed off
his sucking and began licking my nuts which had drawn up tight to the base
of my cock.I moaned with frustration! I wanted to cum!! I NEEDED to cum!!! He was
sucking on my morning piss-hard and the need to piss and cum were driving
me crazy! I tried to grab his ears to pull him back to my cock, but instead
he pushed my legs up and back until they almost touched my shoulders and
began licking and sucking on my ass.I was soon moaning again, but not out of frustration. The incredible
feeling of his hard tongue fucking my asshole was driving me crazy! The
rasping of the rough surface of his tongue as it slid through my tender
asslips were causing a fire inside my ass which nothing I knew of could put
out! I had a cherry hole but I was getting very eager to have this studly
Marine go cherry picking' - and soon!!!"Mmmmmm! That's a really tasty but there, little buddy!" my Marine said,
grinning at small underage model me from between my legs underage girl tiny - his deep blue eyes twinkling with
horniness. "Tastes sweet to me. Like it's cherry!"I looked at him with all the young lust in my body. I nodded my head."HOT DAMN!!! A virgin butt!!! I ain't had one of those in a long time!!!"
he exclaimed. "I gotta get me some of underage nudes forum
that!!!"He then noticed the look of fear in my eyes. I didn't think that hard,
uncut 8 inches between his legs was WAY bigger than I thought I could take
up my tight little butt! underage sex hardcore Not that I didn't want to try, but I believed the
pain would japan underage sluts be incredible!"Hey, little buddy! Don't be scared! I wouldn't hurt you for the world!
We'll take it nice and slow. I promise it won't hurt. And, trust me, it
will really make a man out of you!" he said with a sincerity that I
believed. He had been so loving and tender with me, I knew he had not
desire to hurt me. And if I was going to give up my virginity', I couldn't
think of anyone I'd rather give it to than him!He continued to eat my butt and I mpeg underageasian girls
concentrated on trying to relax. But it
was difficult. I wasn't used to controlling those muscles in that
way. Suddenly he looked up at me and said, "I know how to make this a LOT
easier!"He lowered my legs, crawled up over me and kissed me deeply. "It's a lot
easier if you're cleaned out, buddy." he said.I didn't understand what he was petite underage tgp talking about. I didn't know about
douching' then. Or the advantages of it. Not underage teens hardcore
only did it eliminate a lot of
mess' but also helped to relax the asshole for easier insertion of a hard
erection."Have you got an douche bag'?" he asked."What the fuck's underage sex photos that?" I said in my ignorance."You know, one of those red rubber bags for giving enemas. Ain't you ever
had an enema before?" he asked, smiling at my naiveness."Well, yeah! When I was about 9 years old!" I said defensively."Well, do you still have the bag your mother used to give it to you?""How'd you know my mother gave it to me?" I stared in disbelief."It's always mothers who give you those things! Dad's are too squeamish
about having anything up THEIR ass, so they're not about to stick something
up yours! And who knows, maybe it would make your old man horny seeing
something going up your hot little butt! Might give him ideas!" he laughed
at the explanation.I went into the main bathroom in the other part of the house, and damned if
the douche bag' wasn't still in the cabinet under the sink where I remember
my Mom always kept it when she was alive. She'd died when I was 14.I brought it back and my Marine began filling it with warm water. He then
asked me for some lubricant. I gave him a bottle of Vaseline from the
medicine cabinet."Well, this stuff will be ok for the douche, but we'll have to find
something better to fuck you with. This stuff isn't very slick and the
slicker your ass is, the easier it is to take my cock!" he explained.After filling the bag with warm water, my Marine put down a towel on the
floor and had me lay down on it, just like my mother had done so many years
ago. But, unlike my mother, before he underage schoolgirl virgins
greased up my hole, he lifted my legs
and took another long suck of my butthole to get me wet and loosened up.He greased the nozzle and slowly inserted it in my butt. I thought at first
it would hurt, but his oral attention to my ass had it's desired
effect. The nozzle slid right up my butt with no pain at all. My Marine
reached up and undid the metal clamp, allowing the water to flow into my
ass.As my ass began to fill with the water, my Marine started playing with my
cock to keep my mind off the water."Feel good, buddy?" he asked, smiling down at me."Yeah, your hand on my cock feels really good!""How caoe town underage about super hot underaged the water?" he asked."It feels funny! And warm." I underage sex russia said. "But I'm starting to get a bbs real underage cramp.""Where?" he asked.I pointed to the place and he began to gently massage me there. The cramp
went away as the water continued to flow into me. I was starting to feel
really full. I felt like I really need to take a dump! BAD!"How much more?" I asked."Not much. We want to make sure you're good and cleaned out! It will make
it a lot easier for you." he said gently."I really have to piss, too! The water is pressing on my bladder and it
hurts!!" I explained."Well, we can take care of that, buddy!"My Marine got down on his knees, leaned forward and took my cock in his
mouth - gently licking the piss-slit with my tongue. My muscles gradually
loosened and I began to take cp underage sex
a big, healthy piss. My Marine drank it down
with gusto, not spilling a drop, all the time smiling up at me with my cock
in his lips. After my piss stopped, he stood up and belched. Loudly! We
both laughed at the silliness of it all!Finally, after a few more minutes, he reached up and closed the metal clamp
and shut off the flow of water."Now I'm going to take the nozzle out and raped underage porn I want you to hold the water in
you for a few minutes. Ok?" he said to me."Ok. But I really feel like I gotta take a dump!" I complained."Yeah, I know, but you've got to hold it so that it all gets to the right
places. You can do that, can't you?" he asked."For you? I would do ANYTHING!" I said sincerely."Giving me your cherry is the nicest thing you could do for me right now,
buddy!" he said and leaned down and kissed me gently.I reached nude underage naturalist up and put my underage boyporn arms around his neck and held him there. His mouth
opened creampie underage and his tongue came out and touched my lips. I opened my mouth to
his invading tongue and was soon sucking on it like a small cock. I tasted
my piss, my ass and him! I forgot all underage teen webcam
about the water I was holding. Our
tongues fought a sword duel' with each other for a while. He certainly knew
how to keep my mind off of my full guts!Finally, he broke the kiss."You can dump all the water now. Ok? But let me help you up! You just keep
your butt closed and keep the water from coming out."He lifted me up and sat me on the toilet. Suddenly, my butt relaxed and the
water began to gush out of me! I thought it would never stop. As I sat
there, my Marine stood in front of me and began to slowly jack on his cock."Here's something pre underage 50
to do while we're waiting for you to empty out!" he said,
bringing his half-hard cock to my lips.I leaned forward and smelled the ripe scent of his foreskin hiding a load
of tasty, fragrant cock-cheese. I licked at the hanging fold of skin and
inserted my underage teen smut tongue inside the soft flesh. I pushed back his skin with my
hand and began sniffing and licking around the underside of his moist
cockhead. I smelled and tasted all the wonderful cockcheese there, cleaning
him completely. Then I slowly took his cock deep in my mouth and began to
suck and lick on it.His cock quickly grew to full length and he reached down and began to play
with my small, sensitive nipples. I moaned around his cock as the feeling
of small electrical shocks went from my tits straight to my cock! I can't
ever remember getting a hardon while taking a dump, but I sure sex underaged porn did then!!!
I continued to suck on his cock and he began to underage sex fuck gently move his hips -
slowly fucking my mouth.There I sat, on the toilet taking a dump and getting my mouth fucked by a
big, butch Marine! This was starting out to be a day of all new
experiences. And my first buttfuck was still to come!My Marine pulled out before nonnude underage model he could cum and began to rub his wet cock all
over alt underage sex his face. I leaned down and began to lick on his fragrant nuts. He
smelled of male animal rut! I knew he wanted my ass, and I wanted him to
have it. I was really getting into the idea of having his hard cock
pounding at my virgin ass.Finally, all the water and shit finished coming out and I tried to stand
up. But, instead, I fell back on the toilet! My legs felt weak."That's OK, buddy!" my Marine said. "You feel weak after you've been
cleaned out. It will pass underage children upskirt quickly. Here, let me help you up."He again lifted me up in his arms and held me close to him, nuzzling my ear
and nibbling lightly with his teeth. I melted into his body and began to
lick at his neck. I tasted salt, sweat and his natural body underage sex girls
taste. He was
delicious!!! I suddenly understood what possibly could be the real reason
for canibalism!"We need to get you cleaned up now, buddy" he said as he leaned over and
started the shower.He half carried me into the stall and leaned me, face first, against the
wall. He pointed the shower at my back and began to soap my body from my
neck to my knees, taking special care with my ass-trench, running his
fingers inside my now very open hole. Then he turned me around, and while
kissing me again, began soaping down my body. First playing with my nipples
and finally wrapping his hands around my cock and balls.I lost myself in his kiss and was hardly aware when I felt his hot piss
splashing against my cock and balls as we stood there kissing. I moaned
into his mouth at the sensous incest underage comics
feeling of the hot liquid flowing over my
cock and balls, rinsing the soap from my pubic hair and sex. The pissed
flowed for a long time. I slipped from his arms to my knees and managed to
get the last few moments of his hot flow into my mouth and swallow what I
knew was both underage porno clips my piss and his mingled in his warrior's body. It was a
special "communion". And intimate expression of the love I felt for this
young warrior/lover.He pulled me to my feet and finished cleaning me up with what was the most
sensuous experience he'd done so far - he shampooed me. His strong fingers,
massaging the shampoo into my scalp as he again pressed his mouth to mine
sent chills running through my body, causing "goose flesh" across my neck
and shoulders. I'd never had anyone shampoo me like this in such an
intimate setting. It was like he was saying to me with his hands, I love
and want every part of you!'. I was so amazing! I knew I wanted him, who
wouldn't? But the fact that he wanted me made me feel like I had been given
the "Congressional Medal of Honor".Finally, he took me from the shower and began to dry me off, hot pics underage
rubbing my
skin briskly with a towel. I could have done this myself, but I got the
message that he bbs photos underage
wanted to do it. underage girls videos
He was preparing me to trust him
completely as he took my "cherry" ass. But the best was yet to come.Completely unexpectedly, after drying me to his satisfaction, he suddenly
picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed, like a bride being
carried over the threshold. I noticed the symbolism, but said nothing - not
wanting to end this fantasy time. nudism underage pictures
I clung to his neck, marveling at the
strength of this young Marine, young underage movie and he kissed me again as he gently lowered
me to the bed.He lay me on underage boys topsites my back and got on top kids underage bbs of me between my legs. He began to suck
and nibble at my neck underage admirers photos
and shoulder while his hardening cock ground against
my own. I moaned at the power of his passion and ran my hands over his
strong back and shoulders finally grabbing his head as he sucked on my
sensitive nipple, holding him hard to my chest. He sucked hard on the
nipple and then began to lightly bite it with his teeth. The rush of
intense feeling caused me to arch my back and his cock slipped below my
balls and began to press against my asscrack.He moved lower, licking down my abdomen and into my pubic hair. He licked
around the base of underage twinks nude
my hard cock but ignored it. He licked down my balls and
to the small patch of skin behind my scrotum leading to my hungry
asshole. He lifted my legs back to almost my shoulders and began to lick up
and down my ass crack. I looked between my legs and saw him laying on his
stomach, eating my butt. His bubble butt was sticking up and I wanted so
much to eat his butt boy nude underage
as well, but he underage boys blowjobs
was firmly in control and I was at his
mercy. I could feel him sucking at my recently cleaned-out hole and firmly
shoving his tongue into my receptive hole. I was amazed at how relaxed my
hole was from the douching. I could underage kids bbs actually feel him tasting the inside
walls of my ass, his underaged models tongue was so far embedded in my hole.At one point, he raised his face from my ass and smiled at me. "Sure tastes
good, buddy!" he said and then went back to eating out my ass. Finally, he
lowered my legs and got off the bed. "Stay right there!" he ordered. underage bbs cp Like
I was going to go anywhere! He returned with a small jar of handcream that
I'd seen him buy at the 7-11 last night but, in my underage pussy xxx naivete, hadn't
understood the need for. He again free underage cumshots knelt between my legs and pushed them
back to my chinese underage girls shoulders. He then pushed back, almost underage horse porn
standing me on my
shoulders and placed his thighs under my back, raising my ass in the air
where he underage japanese galleries
had complete access to this most private and secret area of my
body.He again began to lick up and down my ass trench. He then started to tongue
fuck me to make my hole wet and to loosen the opening. He ate me underage anime sex out for a
few minutes and then reached down, opened the jar and began to coat my hole
with the sticky substance. He slowly began to insert his index finger in my
hole, poking the slick grease in my butthole. He slowly fucked his finger
in and out of my hole, gradually going deeper each time. Finally his finger
found my butt-nut and he began to gently stroke it.I thought I would go out of my mind!!! The feeling was the most intense I'd
ever felt! I began to leak cocksnot all down my stomach until it formed a
pool in the middle of my chest. My Marine smiled at this and took his other
hand and dipped some of the cockhoney onto his finger and brought it to my
lips. I eagerly licked it off. Then he dipped it in underage underwear pics the cockhoney again and
brought it to his own mouth to taste. "Mmmmm! Sweet!!" he crooned.He was now finger-fucking my hole with quicker thrusts and I was moaning
like a banshee! He slowed down and then withdrew his finger completely. I
moaned in frustration and he grinned at me. "Just a second! I'll put it
back. Don't worry!" He dipped out more of the handcream and now underage girls forced brought two
of his fingers to my hole. underage creampie pics
He gently pressed against it and I felt the lips
of my ass spreading to admit the dual invasion. Again, he gently began to
push in and out of my hole, going deeper each time. By the time both
fingers reached my prostate again, I was begging him to fuck me!He looked at me and quietly said, "Look. I know you want it. And I want to
fuck you more than anything else in the world right now. But this is your
first time. It pedo underage teen
has to be special. And I don't want it to hurt because then
you won't want to do it again. And I don't plan to fuck you just once! Now,
you're not a Marine, so you're not used to taking pain. You just let me get
you ready the way I want, and I promise you'll love it so much that you'll
be begging to be fucked for the rest of underage naked photo this weekend and beyond!"I nodded my head. I couldn't speak - not just because what his fingers were
doing up inside my hungry ass, but because I realized how much he cared for
me. He was delaying his own pleasure to make mine that much more
intense. He could have just had me and damned the consequences to me - but
he didn't. It was the most loving thing that any guy had ever done for me -
and from a source I would never have expected it! A young, warrior Marine!He again withdrew his fingers and dipped into the jar of handcream. This
time he brought three slicked fingers to my hole and began to press. This
time my anal ring protested and there was some pain. I grunted at the
intense stretching. He knew immediately what was happening and backed off."Push down like you're taking a dump. That will help the hole open up
easier." he told me.I did and he began to press his three fingers into my butt again. This
time, they slipped inside without any problem. He began to fuck me with his
three fingers, hitting my joy button every time he bottomed out in my
ass. I began moaning and thrashing on the bed in exctasy! I'd never felt
like this before and I was afraid I was going to cum before he ever got
inside me.He finally stopped and withdrew underaged illigal porn his fingers before I could cum. My hole
felt like it was open enough to drive a Mack truck through without his
fingers. He pulled back and put my legs back on the bed. Then he reached
out his hands and took mine in his. He pulled me up into a sitting position
and kissed me deeply."Now, I want you to take the grease and cover my cock with it. Get it good
and greased up." he told me.I took the sticky/slick grease and began to coat his hard cock. I marvelled
at the size of it once again and hoped that all the relaxing of my hole
would really allow it to get inside me. As I greased him, he played with my
nipples and reached down and began spreading grease on my cock. I thought
this odd, since I figured that I was the one who was getting fucked, this
time. What did I need to have my cock greased up for?He must have noticed my consternation, because he explained to me, "If you
jack off while I fuck you, it will not hurt. It will feel really good!".Once I had him greased up, he looked at me and said, "Normally, for your
first fuck, I'd have you sit on my cock so you could control the entry. But
I don't think you want it that way, do you?""No!" I said, "I want to be on my back with you fucking me! I underage sexy nubiles want to watch
you while you take my cherry!""That's what I thought. That's the way I want to do it, too! I want to see
the look in your eyes when I finally shove this Marine cock in your butt
and make you a man, little buddy! Now, assume the position!" This last came
out like a drill instructor's order, but he was smiling at me the whole
time."Sir! Yes, Sir!" I shouted in answer and lay back. I grabbed behind my
knees with my hands and pulled my legs back, exposing my greased and open
hole to his powerful body.He again, got between my legs and put his hands beside my shoulders,
raising up on his arms. He looked down at me as his hips maneuvered his
cock to my anal opening. "Are you ready, little buddy?" he asked."Yes! Please! Fuck me!!!" I begged.He leaned down and again kissed me passionately, pushing his tongue into my
mouth as his cock began to push into my hole. At first, my ass-ring
resisted underage free vids
his entry, but I quickly remembered what he had taught me and I
began to push down like I was taking a shit and his cock began to slide
deep into my body. It slid against my butt-nut and continued on up my
canal. It went much deeper than his fingers could and I felt some pain as
the ass tissues were pushed aside to accomodate his Marine weapon. When his
cock was completely embedded in my ass and his pubic hairs were tickling
the outside of my ass-lips, he stopped and lowered himself to his elbows
and began to lick my neck and shoulder. He gently began to move his cock
around in my ass, like he was stirring a bowl of cake batter and coaxing my
tight shit-chute into relaxing. I leaned forward and began to suck underage hentai pic
and bite
on his muscular shoulder, tasting the salty tang of his sweat. He moaned at
my bites and began to grind his cock deeper into my hole, stirring larger
and larger circles within me. As my ass began to relax, he began to slowly
and gently pull back. I cried out at losing his monster underaged teen sex cock from my hole,
but I needn't have worried. He pulled out only until the head of his cock
was inside my ass and then shoved it slowly back underage nude stars in to the full length. He
did this at least 10 times, slowly pulling back and slowly shoving forward
until my ass canal was loose enough for him to begin to pick up speed
without fear of hurting me.He then raised up on his hands again, looked down at me and smiled with his
cock buried inside my ass. "How's it feel, little buddy?""God!" I answered, "it feel like the heaven!!! Please fuck me now! Fuck me
HARD! Fuck me like a Marine!!! Please!!!"He laughed to himself and began fucking me in earnest. He had my legs
resting now on his sexstories of underaged shoulders and my ass was raised hot sex underage
up to become the object
of his assault. He began pounding my ass so hard that his hips made
slapping sounds against my ass-cheeks as he buried his bone in my hole. I
grabbed hold of my greasy cock and began jacking off as he'd told me to
do. The pounding cock in my butt and the pounding hand on my cock were soon
in perfect sync with each other and I was lost in another world! I watched
him as he fucked me. free porn underage
The ripple of his abdominal muscles as underage teen gangbang he drove his
cock in and out of my hole. The tension of his shoulders and arms, making
his Marine muscles stand out in perfect beauty drew my hungry eyes like a
magnet. I felt his sweat splash over my body like a gentle rain as he
continued to build up speed and power. Suddenly, he reached down with one
of his hands and pushed mine away from my cock. His took it's place and he
began to jack me off at the same tempo he was fucking me.I raised my arms over my head and began to moan loudly! I was heading for
the biggest orgasm I'd ever had and there was no way to stop it!"I'm cumming!!!" I screamed, like he couldn't tell! Then I was lost to my
orgasm. I shot so hard, my cum splased on the wall behind the waterbed. The
next shot was in my face and, by the time I was done, my whole chest and
stomach were covered in my cum.The involuntary tightening of my hole while I was cumming evidently sent
him over the edge because I felt him jam his cock into my hole and then it
began to throb inside me as he grunted through clenched teeth. I lost count
of the throbs that were sending his hot cum deep into my bowels but I know
he shot as much as I did.He collapsed on top of me, wallowing in my freshly shot cum and began to
pant next to my ear. underage clit I wrapped my arms around his sweaty back and licked
the sweat that was rolling down the side of his face. He continued underage fuck movies to lay
there, regathering his strength. I held onto this young warrior and thanked
all the gods of sex that they had sent this incredible male animal for me
to give up my virginity to him. I felt his cock continue to sporatically
throb in my ass. I was a little sore, but not nearly what I had
expected. Both our cock remained rock hard - his inside my ass and mine
pressed against the hard muscles of his stomach. After a while, I felt him
making small, fucking motions like he wanted to fuck me again. I wanted
that more than anything!"Yes!" I said quietly underage teen schoolgirl into his ear. "Fuck me again! I want more of your
Marine cum inside me!""Are you sure?" he asked, raising his head and searching my face for
whether I was telling him the truth. "Are you sure you can take it again?""Sir! Yes, Sir! This grunt will take it or die trying, Sir!" I said
quietly, meaning every word.He asked no more questions. underage free girls He just began to send his cock in and out of my
ass. It slipped in and out easier now, both because I was opened up but
because he was fucking me on the lubrication of his own cum which I could
feel squeezing out of my ass as he fucked me.Suddenly he stopped and looked down at me."Ok, little buddy, time to change positions! Time you learned how to get
fucked like a Marine!"He pulled his cock out of my gaping hole and took one of my legs and turned
me over on my stomach. He then roughly pushed my legs open, put his cock in
my buttcrack and shoved it feer underage porn right back in my hole - all of it at once! I
grunted as he hit bottom in my ass but shoved back, trying to get even more
of his cock up inside me."Yeah! That's right! Fuck yourself back on that cock! Show me how bad you
want it, slut!"This sudden change in his whole demeanor and attitude sent a thrill of
sexual excitement through me. Yes! I was a slut! Yes, I wanted to be fucked
like a slut! Yes! I wanted to be the fuck-toy of this young Marine warrior!
And I wanted him to abuse me verbally topless girls underage just like I would have been if I had
really been a member of the Corps! It was a side of myself that I never
knew was there. And I was loving every minute of it."Yeah, slut, lemme fuck that hole for you real good! Lemme jam this cock up
you ass-cunt! You like bein' butt-fucked, don'tcha bitch?" he snarled."Yes! Fuck my ass-pussy! Make my ass-pussy HURT! vlad underage Shoot that big load of hot
Marine scum up me!!!" I panted, all the while nudist underage pics pounding away on my cock as
he pounded my ass.His pounding took on new speed. The constant slapping of my asscheeks by
his hips as he roughly fucked in an out of my abused hole made a loud noise
in the room."Your ass was made for fucking, cunt! You need this Marine's cock up your
fuckin' twat, don't you?""Sir! Yes, Sir! I need your cock up my butt, Sir! Please use my hole, Sir!"Suddenly, I felt his hand come underage kiddies
down and slap my right ass-cheek - HARD! I
jumped at this new abuse. He then slapped my other ass-cheek just as hard.
Soon he was raining blows on both my ass-cheeks in a stacato pattern.
Slap-slap-slapslap-slap! I knew my ass would quickly turn as cherry red as
my hole used to be. But the intense feeling only made me more horny!"Sir! Yes, Sir! Slap my ass, Sir!" I cried."Yeah, bitch, you like that don'tcha? You like havin' your ass spanked
while you're takin' underage boy bbs
cock underage teen pedo up your hole! underage hotties Lemme hear you beg some more, bitch!
Lemme hear you beg for this Marine's cock!""Sir! Please, Sir! Please fuck me with that big, hard Marine underage swim models cock, Sir!
Spank me, Sir! Treat me like your slut, Sir! Please, Sir! I wanna be your
bitch, Sir!" I begged."That's good, bitch! You beg real nice for a cunt!" he said with
satisfaction.He cute underage boy
continued fucking me, pounding me harder and harder, faster and faster
until I felt his cock begin to get even harder. Then he grabbed my hips and
pulled me back on his cock as hard as he could, shoving it as far up my
well-used ass as he could get it. I felt his cock begin to pulse, and I
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